Business Process Re-engineering

Business exists in an ever-changing environment. Business processes, like technology, become obsolete and inefficient if they do not evolve along with the environment in which they exist. Obsolete business processes can result in:

  • Cumbersome manual paper based processes
  • Islands of unconnected information
  • Little, if any, metrics to monitor performance
  • Serial processing and redundant re-keying of the same data
  • Limited use of technology


The Solution: A Smart Approach to Business Process Renewal

Smart PlanIT's Business Process Renewal Services (BPR) provide a proven and practical approach to assessing current state processes, defining areas for improvement, detailing process change requirements and implementing desired improvements. Our approach combines detailed current state analysis with innovative renewal techniques and the introduction of technology and industry best practices to identify a desired target state for your processes. We look at more than just the process itself. We evaluate process enablers, such as:

  • People - roles, responsibilities and organizational structure
  • Technology - systems and infrastructure supporting the process
  • Policies and Procedures - documentation and business rules governing the process


In addition, our techniques drive out key business indicators and metrics that can be compared to industry norms to evaluate the health of a process and assist in identifying areas for improvement.

Our approach however, is only half the solution. Smart PlanIT's Process Analysts have utilized our methods within many organizations to derive tangible business benefits. Our consultants can lead BPR initiatives and/or act as mentors to organizations wishing to develop internal BPR skills. We have the experience and the approach to make BPR a success in your organization.

Smart Benefits

Successful organizations are those that can adapt to change and find innovative ways to get work done. Business Process Renewal (BPR) provides a means to address business pain or proactively prepare for anticipated changes or market opportunities. Benefits from BPR are:

  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improved utilization of technology investments
  • Reduced time-to-market for products and services
  • Processes aligned with business objectives
  • Improved internal and external communication