Strategic Planning Experience

Here are examples of how we have helped clients with their Strategic Planning initiatives.

Example 1 - ITIL Implementation

Our consultants have a long history of leading the strategic planning session for a variety of organizations both professionally and as volunteers. 

We have helped a major client in the agricultural sector provide a strategic plan to the corporation as part of an integrated company wide planning task.

All of the typical planning deliverables, resulted from that dedicated planning session including:

  • Vision, mission, and value statements
  • Situational analysis including external, internal and SWOT analysis
  • Identification of strategic initiatives and rationale
  • Objectives, initiatives and tasks
  • A final Strategic Planning deliverable document


A key area we helped this client with was in the assessment and implementation of a planning cycle.  Combined with the scheduled reporting and measurements that are a part of every complete planning deliverable, we left the client with the basis for a continuous planning and reporting cycle that was neither onerous nor time consuming.