Project Management

As your business faces opportunities and challenges, project management becomes a fundamental business competency in order to achieve business objectives. Despite the importance of project management, it is well documented that success rates for project initiatives today are dismal. Although project management competencies are maturing, many organizations still experience the following results:

  • Projects run over budget and behind schedule
  • Projects do not deliver the expected results; or even fail
  • Projects are executed without a proven approach
  • Projects lack accountability
  • Project success is not well defined
  • Projects are not linked to corporate strategies and objectives
  • Projects do not have a measurable Return on Investment


The Solution: A Smart Approach to Project Management

Smart PlanIT provides clients with business focused Project Managers who bring a structured methodology combined with practical experience to create a clear direction, deliver quality outcomes and defined business benefits. Simply stated, our Project Managers are responsible for planning and executing the project to meet established objectives within defined budget and schedule constraints.

Smart PlanIT provides:

  • A professional team of PMP certified Project Managers with expertise in many industries
  • A proven methodology for successful project delivery
  • Utilization of tools and techniques, in concert with industry best practices
  • Ability to communicate within all levels of the organization
  • A track record of successful project delivery
  • An ability to build teams and mentor client staff


Smart Benefits

Benefits accruing to organizations engaging Smart PlanIT Project Managers include:

  • Projects delivered on time, on budget, to the expected level of quality
  • Greater sponsor and stakeholder commitment
  • Improved communications within the team and organization
  • Identified and managed risk
  • Delivery of desired results