Strategic Planning

A strategic plan provides guidance for all business activity whether it is ongoing and operational in nature or a one-time project related initiative. Strategic planning provides a common vision and goal for the organization at a corporate, business unit/division, and departmental level. However, investment in strategic planning does not always provide the guidance and acceptance anticipated. Some of the pitfalls to effective strategic planning include:

  • Lack of effective communication of strategic plans
  • An ineffective planning process that does not involve the appropriate stakeholders, does not effectively link strategic planning at various levels within the organization (e.g. corporate, divisional, departmental), or does not introduce an ongoing planning cycle to ensure plans are revisited and renewed
  • Development of plans that are difficult to understand and operationalize

The Solution: A Smart Approach to Strategic Planning

At Smart PlanIT, not only are we firm believers in the undertaking and application of the Strategic Planning process, but we are skilled practitioners at assisting clients with their Strategic Planning needs.

Whether it is departmental or broader business planning, Smart PlanIT can offer you skilled facilitators to guide you through your long term planning process.  We can focus you and your leaders on the right time frame, ensure you are “operationalizing” the most current year of your plan, assist you with measurements and reporting to keep your managers focused and establish a planning cycle that will ensure your plan is current and meaningful, without being onerous.

Accelerated Results

At Smart PlanIT, we have a deep reservoir of consultants who have directed the planning process for numerous companies of all sizes.  We can assist you in establishing a strategic planning process for your organization, facilitate specific strategic planning sessions to help ensure you achieve the desired results and facilitate operational/tactical planning sessions to ensure alignment with your strategic plans.


Here are examples of how we have helped clients with their Strategic Planning initiatives.

Example 1 - ITIL Implementation

Our consultants have a long history of leading the strategic planning session for a variety of organizations both professionally and as volunteers. 

We have helped a major client in the agricultural sector provide a strategic plan to the corporation as part of an integrated company wide planning task.

All of the typical planning deliverables, resulted from that dedicated planning session including:

  • Vision, mission, and value statements
  • Situational analysis including external, internal and SWOT analysis
  • Identification of strategic initiatives and rationale
  • Objectives, initiatives and tasks
  • A final Strategic Planning deliverable document

A key area we helped this client with was in the assessment and implementation of a planning cycle.  Combined with the scheduled reporting and measurements that are a part of every complete planning deliverable, we left the client with the basis for a continuous planning and reporting cycle that was neither onerous nor time consuming.