Our Story

Two Great Organizations Come Together

On April 1, 2021 Smart PlanIT was acquired by Paradigm Consulting Group and became Smart PlanIT: A Paradigm Company. Paradigm and Smart PlanIT have combined our expertise to enhance the services we deliver to all of our customers in the prairie provinces. For more information on this acquisition and the benefits to our community and our customers, please view our press release.

Smart PlanIT was founded in 2004 by professional Project Managers with the goal to provide Manitoba business with exceptional project leadership. With an unwavering confidence in their abilities and affirmative attitudes, and a tacit belief in their profession, they set about to be the place where ‘Smart Business meets Technology’.

The gestation period, planning through conception to launch took 6 months and considered not only a typical SWOT analysis, but also the partner’s individual goals and motivations. 

The partners understood that projects are the domain of the business; projects need to align with a business strategy; projects need to not only deliver results but also prove value to the business; and projects need to be managed successfully.

Each partner had more than a decade of Project Management experience delivering projects primarily in the Information Technology sector, across many diverse industry verticals.

Why Smart PlanIT?

The evolution of Smart PlanIT continues today – beyond the original founding partners to include Professional Business Development, and like-minded associates, serious, committed consultants delivering professional services to our Manitoba clients.